Friday, October 10, 2014

A Bliss Family Update

Welcome to another update of the Bliss Family Legacy Challenge! 
A few things have happened since the last huge update that caught you up to speed. 

Meet our Generation Two Heir. Miss Carmen Bliss.
I used to figure out who it would be between the three children.
(I have no idea where the red hair came from.)
So far her traits are Whiz Kid/Precocious and Out Going.

Marley baked her own birthday cake and aged up to a beautiful adult.

She looks pissed...  

The twins bonding and sharing some weird video. Probably cats. -_-

In other news with the twins...

Sophia works as a Bean Blender at the local cafe' and wants to be a Master Mixologist.  
Her traits so far -  Bookworm, Hot Headed, and Essence of Flavor.

Olivia works after school as a Nanny and wants to be a Painter Extraordinaire.
Her traits so far - Clumsy, Neat, and Muser.

The days left with Darrius were getting fewer and fewer so some last moments of family bonding were needed and used to the fullest. 

Darrius and Marley's last woohoo :( 
And for the record, it WAS very satisfactory. Good for you Darrius! ;)

It was time to say goodbye.. 

Darrius was my very first Sim to die from old age. I usually don't play a family long enough and have their life span turned really high. I must say, it was rather sad but he has a nice little tombstone in the backyard that I plan to decorate when the family gains more funds. 

♥ So long Darrius you will be missed. 

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